Dear Vendor,

Each year, a shop owner (vendor) will meet with management and be presented with tax costs for their structure. As seen in the vendor contract, the contract to operate the shop is year-to-year. Fees for operation are dependent upon utilities and size of your structure.

Ownership of the a shop entitles the owner to use their shop during Texas Viking Festival. It also provides the vendor first-right-of-refusal for using their shop during other festivals hosted in this area of the property, or the ability to rent their booth to other vendors during non Viking Festival Events. The shop owner only owns the physical structure - and holds no lease or possession of the land it resides upon. Access to shops is governed by Valkyrie Ranch LLC, and is by appointment only when a Texas Viking Festival or other festival the booth owner is participating in on the property isn't active. 

Shop vendors who do not wish to continue ownership of their shop, or have not been renewed by the Festival, will have 30 days to do one of three things:

  1. Remove the shop
  2. Sell the shop to an approved vendor. (If this is a new vendor they must submit a new vendor application and be approved.)
  3. Sell the shop to the festival at a price that the festival feels is fair market value for the materials in the shop

If a shop falls into disrepair, or does not meet requirements for that season, it must be fixed/updated/removed within 30 days of notice or the beginning of a festival, whichever is sooner. 

No building materials, trash, or other items may remain around the building in the off-season. Inventory in the buildings should be secured by the booth owner, and the security of those items is the responsibility of the booth owner. 

All upgrades / renovations of a shop must be approved by the architecture committee and require drawings / plans. The form for a new booth is the same form used to submit upgrades / renovations. 

Booth owners must maintain insurance on the booth, and for any damage caused to the grounds / other booths. 




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