Yuletide Festival - 2023 -
Held the second and third weekends of December, we celebrate Yule and the Winter Solstice. As with all of our events, this is open to the public and all persons are welcome to this very family friendly and open community. Enjoy food, drink, entertainment, holiday shopping for hand-made gifts, and join or watch our Yule Blot (ceremony) held the third Saturday of December.
The Texas Viking Festival and Skaldic Althing
We throw two version of the Texas Viking Festival every year. The Equinox and Yule celebrations. They take place in September and December, respectively. Both are two weekends long and are held rain or shine.
Who are we:
The Texas Viking Festival and Skaldic Althing is a biannual fest presented by Valkyrie Ranch and Thorin's Viking Brands. (Valkyrie Ranch is the home of the meadery.)
What is it about:
Enjoying life and celebrating the arts! From blacksmiths and the skills of warriors to art and mead! This isn't a medieval faire, no - it is a festival!
When is it:
The last two weekends in September are our Equinox celebration. This is an evening / night festival. We then take a break, and return the first three weekends of December to celibate Yule! (The first weekend is a music festival, with weekends two-and-three being the actual Yule Texas Viking Festival!)
Where is it: