More about camping


Texas Viking Festival offers primitive camping. This means, no running water, no power, and no bathrooms. (We do provide port-a-potty facilities) You have to remove all your trash when you leave. (Please keep in mind this is a wildlife preserve, leaving trash could make our animal friends sick or kill them.)

Campers can arrive on Friday and leave on Monday for the $15.00 / night. for tent and car camping. For boondocking an RV or camper the price is $45.00 / night. There are limited RV / Camper hookups for $75.00 a night, and the link to book those can be found in the RV section of this webpage. (RV and camper prices are for up to four persons in the RV/Camper, all additional persons are $15.00)

Wrist bands must be worn by all persons in the camping area. If you do not have a wrist band you will be asked to either pay $15.00 for another band or asked to leave the property.

All those camping with us understand you are taking part in camping under Texas laws there is no liability by the landowner or the event venue. Additionally, there will be equestrian events happening in parallel with the event, and those too are covered under Texas lability laws. All appropriate warning signs are at the entrance to the property.

Please secure all your belongings. This means those in your vehicle and those in your camp. We are not libel for items lost or stolen. (But we will help you look for them.)

Camp Fires

All campfires must be contained in a raised fire containment system and may not be left unattended. All fires must be covered with a screen to prevent embers from blowing out of the fire. All campfires are conditional based upon the current burn ban status of Bastrop County. E.g., if there is a burn ban in effect, there will be no campfires allowed. To check the current status of burn bans by county in Texas, see this link to Texas Burn Bans. Everyone having a campfire must have a fire extinguisher in plain view and within easy reach of those by the fire. If you are asked to put a fire out you will only be given one chance to do so. If it has to be repeated you will be removed from the property.

Of Recreational Vehicles and Generators

We offer limited partial RV hookups. (That being power and water.) We do not have pump-out services. These can be booked in advance for 30 Amp and 50 Amp hookups.

We do allow RVs to Boondock (camping with an RV without water and power connections). We have a hose bib available for those entering the property to fill their water tanks. If you are running a generator while boondocking, then we ask that the generator be an inverter-type generator if you wish to operate it after 10pm. If it is not, and you do not have a medical reason to keep the generator running, you will be asked to turn it off so you do not bother the other campers. This generator rule applies to those camping in tents as well.


The venue (Valkyrie Ranch) does not rent their cabins during the Texas Viking Festival. These buildings are used for staff during the event.


Pets are not permitted on the property. The property is a wildlife preserve and there are traps and animals that can hurt or even kill domestic pets. So we have this rule to help keep your little furry family members safe and healthy. Service animals are permitted, but they are required to be on a leash at all times!

Wild Animals & Horses

As mentioned above, this is a wildlife preserve. There are free ranging wild animals and horses are used in the operation of the property. You are an echo-tourist and are Texas has laws protecting the preserve. So, in short, do not try to pet / feed / hug / approach / etc. any animals on the property. Do not bring horses to the property.

Antlers things Found

While camping and spending time in our forests, you may come across bones, antlers, etc. Please to not pick these items up or handle them. Bones are a great way to get Anthrax (which will kill you), and many of the species on the preserve are functionally extinct in the wild or are endangered so simply possessing their antlers, fur, etc. is a felony. If you find something amazing and really want to know what it is, please find a member of the Valkyrie Ranch Staff, and they will be happy to tell you all about it.